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ISBN : 9780134176888
número de páginas : 160
número de edición : 3
nombre del libro : SUMMIT 2 (3A. ED)
materia(s) : 107
año de edición : 2017
peso : 332
pais de origen : ESTADOS UNIDOS


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With this fresh new look, the third edition of the Summit program helps develop confident English speakers who are able to navigate a host of social and professional situations. This two-level course provides high-intermediate learners with an integrated set of global communication skills. It delivers immediate, demonstrable results through its goal- and achievement-based pedagogy and continual recycling of language. The two levels of Summit can be used with Top Notch as the fifth and sixth books in a complete six-level series. Summit 1 covers competencies from B2 to B2+ and Summit 2 introduces C1 competencies in the Common European Framework of Reference. The entire Summit course can be tailored to blended learning with its integrated online component, MyEnglishLab (access code available separately; not included in the Student Book). Highlights: -New Conversation Activator videos build communicative competence. -New Discussion Activator videos increase range and depth of expression. -Test-taking Skills Booster and extra challenge exercises help students succeed on the reading and listening sections of standardized tests. -Greatly increased grammar, reading, listening, and writing practice plus digital grammar exercises give students the additional practice opportunities they’ve requested. -Memorable models build natural, social language and conversation strategies. - 50+ listening tasks at each level develop critical thinking and crucial listening comprehension skills, such as listening for details, confirmation of content, inference, and understanding meaning. -ActiveTeach includes a digital Student Book for whiteboards with lesson plans, assessment tools and access to audio, video, and exercises to make learning more focused and interactive. -Fluency-building planning activities such as idea framing help students express themselves with confidence. -More ready-to-use teacher resources (including a broad range of print and digital components) than other courses make Summit easy to use for busy teachers.